The Benefits of Facial and Body Massage as a Package

The face has approximately 20 muscles. They operate the following cranofacial regions: Forehead; Eyebrows; Eyelids; Cheeks; Nose & Nostrils; Lips; Chin; Ears; Jaw which is closely connected to the Neck Muscles. Any tension in any of the muscles in those regions will leave you wanting for more if your massage session does not include focused Facial Massage time.

A direct consequence of stress or simply a demanding day / week / month, Facial Tension is more common than we acknowledge. Common symptoms are headaches; any tightness or tingling sensation on the forehead, sides or back of the head. Reddening and lip damage (poor circulation) are also physical manifestations of facial tension.

Common feedback once our clients try a Facial Massage is that they will never do without it again. We make the inclusion very affordable for you by doing a package price when combined with your body massage.

Zen out as soon as you walk into Catrina’s strategically-designed Narooma Wellness massage room. Breathing and breath-work are integral paths on the way to remedial and restorative body and mind benefits. Mindfulness is an integrative part of the process; and better still, it is something that you can practice and develop every single day.

Relaxation, Remedial, Deep Tissue and Facial Massage Therapy

Providing personalised treatments for more than 30 years. Outside of work, Catrina lives and breathes wellness, making the most of Narooma's nature and all the goodness that it has to give.

Remedial Massage Narooma close to Bermagui, Eurobodalla, Bodalla, Tilba Tilba, Mystery Bay, Cadgee, Wallaga Lake & approx. One Hour from Bega NSW.

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